Casba: Coffee shop at NW 2nd and Davis

Last updated on February 11th, 2018

Update: the Casba has turned into the Kasbah, a fabulous lunch spot.

We just moved into a beautiful new office in Oldtown Portland, and there’s a new coffee shop for us to explore.  More later about our previous coffeeshops further up in Northwest Portland.

Coffeeshops are important for us because we like to have one-on-one staff meetings outside the office sometimes, plus there is a great appreciation for caffeine in this office.  So far, the drinks have been fine, if not amazing.  The Mediterranean theme is nice, although I have focused more on bagels with cream cheese.  I will check out the baked pasta dishes sometime soon.  However, my co-worked had himself some Turkish coffee yesterday, and managed to accomplish three days work in one afternoon and then go home and weed the garden.

The coffee shop ambiance isn’t bad — there are tables inside and out and the staff are super nice. However, it’s definitely a table/chair environment — no sofas or comfy chairs to lounge in.

I also love watching a few people hang out in the morning at the outside tables — they often look supremely relaxed while not making me feel like too much of a loser for being at work.