Grand Central Bakery in Portland

Last updated on February 11th, 2018

Update: guys. guys. guys. The Grand Central in my neighborhood closed. I am still upset. Years later. A salon and nice clothing store do NOT fill the void in my stomach. However, the salami sandwich (aka the grinder) is no longer a thing, so that gives me a very slight sense of comfort. Although I do like their veggie grinder.

A quick shout-out to our local Portland bakery, Grand Central Baking Company, which is a sort of local chain. There are seven of them in Portland (and a couple up in Seattle), and they also will be at our local farmers markets.

I tend to call them Grand Central Bakery, but after a little research today, I see that they are technically Grand Central Baking Company. And after a little more research, I’m reassured to see that the local shops are called a Grand Central Bakery. So I’m all good after all. Phew.

Our local bakery is in NE Irvington (more or less) has an impressively stable staff and is full of delicious treats: warm cinnamon rolls, tasty salami sandwiches, and fresh bread. Yum!