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Hubers Goes Non-smoking

Last updated on February 11th, 2018

Oh, I love Huber’s! If there were one bar in Portland that I wish was non-smoking, it would be Huber’s! And lo and behold, my wish has been granted. No more will I have stinky hair and clothing after a delightful evening at the Huber’s bar.

When I want to feel swanky and cool, Huber’s is the place to be. Behind the Huber’s restaurant located in downtown Portland off of SW 3rd between SW Stark and Washington, the Huber’s bar has a beautiful bar and awesome vaulted ceilings. The happy hour includes a good caesar salad, a great turkey sandwich, and a lovely spinach dip. Drinks are good and strong.

Most importantly, perhaps, is the Spanish coffee and the wonderful presentation. Shooting liquor and flames. What could be better? Don’t forget to have a dollar or two handy to tip the excellent server (walking bar tender?) who makes them to order at your table. A constant dilemma — should all Spanish coffees be ordered at once for multi-creation excitement? Or should they be spaced out for multiple visits by the server?

The other highlight of Huber’s is the clientele. From the post-work crowd to the post-party crowd, all make great people watching. Settle in and enjoy!

Huber’s is located at 411 SW 3rd Avenue. To get to the bar, enter the hallway next to the restaurant and follow the hallway until you see the bar entrance on your left. You can also find the bar by walking through the restaurant itself.