There is a reasonable likelihood of a significant earthquake occurring in Portland during my lifetime. This page is a resource for preparing for this possibility, and further details will be added over the fall of 2019.

  1. Don’t worry about doing all the preparedness in one afternoon. Rather, chip away at the various tasks over time. The earthquake may happen next week or in thirty years, so let’s do this slow and steady.
  2. As much as possible, try to create a dual purpose for your prep materials.
    1. Pack your travel toiletries into a bag that sits with your go-bag and you can then use when you travel or if you need to leave quickly
    2. Store your camping gear in a location that is dry and accessible if there is an emergency
    3. Keep your kitchen stocked with shelf-stable ingredients that could be eaten in an emergency
  3. Schedule recurring annual events to check on the status of the emergency preparedness supplies
  4. Use an online document that is shared with family members (and saved offline on their devices) to track emergency:
    1. routes and meeting place
    2. contacts
    3. supply details, including expiration dates