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Iconic gone; BBQ arriving! – updated

Last updated on April 19th, 2019

Update: We have BBQ! I haven’t been yet, but while staring at the menu, a woman walking interjected that Miss Delta’s BBQ is delicious! Need to make a visit.

The Iconic Lounge on NE Broadway between NE 22 and 24th has closed. Signs are up promising BBQ from MD PDX and the web address. No much info there yet, but curious what’s on the way.

Iconic never seemed to thrive (and had enough fails that some members of my family refused to go there). I always enjoyed the happy hours and projected movies, but I never went all that often. Rose and Thistle always won out.

Grand Central Bakery in Portland

Last updated on February 11th, 2018

Update: guys. guys. guys. The Grand Central in my neighborhood closed. I am still upset. Years later. A salon and nice clothing store do NOT fill the void in my stomach. However, the salami sandwich (aka the grinder) is no longer a thing, so that gives me a very slight sense of comfort. Although I do like their veggie grinder.

A quick shout-out to our local Portland bakery, Grand Central Baking Company, which is a sort of local chain. There are seven of them in Portland (and a couple up in Seattle), and they also will be at our local farmers markets.

I tend to call them Grand Central Bakery, but after a little research today, I see that they are technically Grand Central Baking Company. And after a little more research, I’m reassured to see that the local shops are called a Grand Central Bakery. So I’m all good after all. Phew.

Our local bakery is in NE Irvington (more or less) has an impressively stable staff and is full of delicious treats: warm cinnamon rolls, tasty salami sandwiches, and fresh bread. Yum!

The Blue Nile – CLOSED

Last updated on February 11th, 2018

Update: the Blue Nile is closed. Replaced by the Taco Pedaler.

The Blue Nile is an Ethiopian restaurant located between NE 22nd and 23rd on NE Broadway. I have had many a delicious meal, with particularly lovely lamb dishes as well as the ever popular kik. Recently, we have just been ordering the platter for two, sometimes veggie, sometimes meat.

The restaurant itself is pretty low key, with an ever present television near the cash register. If it’s nice out, sit outside, and otherwise site further back from the door and you’ll have a lovely time. Also, the wait staff is very nice. If you are desperate for a beer or need the check rapidly, just go up and ask them for it. You will not be rushed, but they also aren’t going to come hover over you.

I definitely encourage you to come by on a warm day and enjoy the evening, a beer, good company, and yummy food![mappress address=””2225 NE Broadway St, Portland, OR”” ]

Rose and Thistle

Last updated on February 11th, 2018

I love the Rose and Thistle.  Neighborhood bars are a great thing, and the Rose and Thistle (NE Broadway and 23rd) is a lovely place to comfortably have dinner or hang out.  I am also a huge fan of gardenburgers and fries, and the Rose and Thistle does an excellent job of both.   Everything is done just right, and my request for extra pickles is always met.  I also adore the staff at the Rose and Thistle, even when they are busy.

There are also some other cool things on the menu at the Rose and Thistle, including some more traditional Scottish fare.  The specials also tend to be wonderful, particularly a pork chops they had recently.  My love of their gardenburger means I usually have to sample the other dishes via friends and family, but I don’t think any of us have been disappointed.  Even when we’ve eaten there a couple of nights in a row…

I’d love to know more about the history of the Rose and Thistle — there are some intriguing articles posted on the walls, and it sounds like I have missed the former beloved (and perhaps crusty) owner prior to his departure to the big haggis in the sky.

Stinky trees

Last updated on February 11th, 2018

Every year around this time I wonder about the stinky trees. There are some seriously stinky trees in Portland — rotting fish and something worse wafting on the warm spring breeze. I think I’ve heard that some of them are ginkos, and that maybe we’ve made the situation worse by planting trees that are all one sex. The stinky sex, apparently.

The first time I encountered a stinky trees was on NW Hoyt between 20th and 21st. At first, I was concerned it was me, and then that someone was using the super stinky fish fertilizer. But no, it was coming from the sky! Now I notice the smell in many places throughout Portland, and I suppose I should view it as merely a sign that Portland is in the midst of spring.