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Activities for the weekend of August 1, 2014

Last updated on November 12th, 2018

This is a momentous weekend for my family, as we are gathering in Portland to celebrate the life of my grandfather.

There are many delightful things to do in Portland, and here are a few to consider. Sections below include Parks, Walking and Biking, Eating and Drinking, Art and Culture, and Shopping, and also feel free to explore this site as well.


  • Hang out in a park: as a somewhat lazy person, this is one of my favorite activities. There are a couple of lovely downtown and West-side parks for people watching, including:
  • Go to Forest Park: this park runs along the west side of town, and has lots of great hikes and places to hang out. You can walk there from Jan and Bill’s house and there are easy mass transit connections as well.
  • Visit Chinese Garden in NW Portland close to the river: This is a lovely little park with a tea garden where you can get lovely tea and tasty Asian snacks. We might have discounted tickets (or your hotel might) if you’re interested. There is also a lovely Japanese Garden up into Forest Park.

Walking and biking

Eating and drinking

  • Eat and drink your way across town — if you’re interested in this option, let me know and I can give you some recommendations to meet your location/price point/cuisine preferences (and some info on this site as well). If you want to poke around online, I usually start at the Portland Eater site if I’m curious about local food happenings, and then move onto other food blogs.
  • Distillery Tour: these are lots of fun, but are also in a part of town with less shade, so pace yourself. We have some free Eastside Distillery tour tickets, although our favorite distilleries are House Spirits and New Deal Distillery. We haven’t been to the other three, so let us know if you make it there!
  • Farmers markets are going on all week long if you want to go nibble on some berries and treats. They often have prepared foods available.

Art and culture


  • Shopping: Portland has some delightful clothing stores that are clustered together in a couple of neighborhoods. My favorite areas are:
    • the West End (which also has some fabulous food options)
    • close-in East Burnside (also has fabulous food and drink options) and is near Distillery Row
    • SE Hawthorne, particularly beyond SE 28th. Lots of other great stores scattered about as well.
    • Fremont Fest is a neighborhood festival on Saturday is on NE Fremont with a cute parade and shops
  • There is an Urban Air Market happening on Saturday at Zidell Yards, south of downtown (can take streetcar or walk from downtown).
  • Books: well, I can never say too much about Powells. They are renovating on the West Burnside entrance, but you can go in on NW Couch and 11th and they are delightful! If you are interested in graphic novels and comics, I can give you some additional recommendations.
  • Visit Saturday Market: crafts and great people watching towards the North end of Waterfront Park right at the Burnside bridge. I haven’t bought much here recently, but I do enjoy hanging out and watching the crowds while sitting at the fountain to the south of the market.

Things to do this weekend: August 24, 2012

Last updated on November 12th, 2018

In no particular order:

Instead of actually going to any of these events, I shall lay in the backyard and eat homemade BBQ. But you have fun.