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Farmers Markets Returning to Life

Last updated on February 11th, 2018

While some Portland area Farmers Markets keep going year round (see Hillsdale Farmers’ Market), my two favorite neighborhood markets are coming back to life soon!

My absolute favorite is the Sunday Montavilla Market at 7600 SE Stark. However, I have to wait until June 21 for my first low-key, small market dose. This is my favorite market partly because it is on Sundays, but mostly because it feels like a neighborhood occasion with enough choice to be tantalizing. Neither the options nor the crowds are overwhelming, and there is much to delight in!

In the meantime, we have the closer Hollywood Farmers’ Market opening on Saturday, May 2 at NE Hancock between 44th and 45th Avenues. This market has many more options, but also has some serious crowds (and almost always an unexpected friend encounter). Great fun but also some what anxiety inducing for wimps like me!

There are many wonderful farmers and vendors at both markets, but I got to give special mention of the Village Crepery — they are the best! Definitely visit their website for the wonderful animated gifs — and the crepes are even better!

The Blue Nile – CLOSED

Last updated on February 11th, 2018

Update: the Blue Nile is closed. Replaced by the Taco Pedaler.

The Blue Nile is an Ethiopian restaurant located between NE 22nd and 23rd on NE Broadway. I have had many a delicious meal, with particularly lovely lamb dishes as well as the ever popular kik. Recently, we have just been ordering the platter for two, sometimes veggie, sometimes meat.

The restaurant itself is pretty low key, with an ever present television near the cash register. If it’s nice out, sit outside, and otherwise site further back from the door and you’ll have a lovely time. Also, the wait staff is very nice. If you are desperate for a beer or need the check rapidly, just go up and ask them for it. You will not be rushed, but they also aren’t going to come hover over you.

I definitely encourage you to come by on a warm day and enjoy the evening, a beer, good company, and yummy food![mappress address=””2225 NE Broadway St, Portland, OR”” ]

Steel Bridge

Last updated on February 11th, 2018

When I ride my bicycle or walk to work, I have the pleasure walking along the lower level of the Steel Bridge in Portland. When I ride the MAX, we roll along the upper deck with the cars, and a few intrepid bicyclists and pedestrians. All of this traveling back and forth has left me very fond of the Steel Bridge, even when traffic jams start to occur on the lower level.

One of my favorite things include crossing the lower level of bridge with a train. It’s loud, no doubt, and sometimes there are horrible high pitched squealing noises, but it’s also exciting. The Amtrak trains have entertaining passengers to stare at, the freight trains have lots of interesting different cars, and the occasional steam engine makes my week! The Southern Pacific #4449 pictured here is one of the absolute delights of living in the Portland area. Sometimes I hear its whistle from our office a few blocks from the waterfront, and have to run down to see if I can spot the steamy excitement of this train!

And you can buy a 2009 calendar to support the Southern Pacific #4449.