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Our Convention Center; Our City

Last updated on November 12th, 2018

Bet you didn’t know how many awesome things happen at the Oregon Convention Center? I inspect the marquee almost every morning and here are the upcoming events that are by far the coolest:

  1. La Femme Magnifique International Pageant on Sunday, September 2. When I first saw this listing on the marquee, I had high hopes for something awesome, and my hopes (for once) have been met. This event will “crown the most glamorous female impersonator in the business.” This is sponsored by Darcelle’s, one of our civic treasures. This might be the most fun sounding event I’ve ever seen listed.
  2. Open Series: Portland on September 8-9. No further information on the OCC website…but I’m hoping this is a Magic Tournament, which someday I will get to observe. Ideally when my friend is competing. You know who you are.
  3. The B.U.L.L. Session Dinner & Auction on September 10. Link is broken on OCC website — so many possibilities with a name like this. Straight-talking good times? Cattle breeding association?

International Food Bloggers Convention

Last updated on February 11th, 2018

“I just discovered that the International Food Blogger Conference is happening in Portland RIGHT NOW.

This is happening at one of the hotels near home for me (Doubletree Hotel near NE Holladay Park), which is digging up its driveway right now. Hope that’s not too annoying!

I’m sure they are having a great time eating lots of tasty food (although most of the food listed in the agenda looks pretty generic — don’t forget to leave the hotel!) and writing about it online.

My one recommendation to everyone who stays at that Doubletree is that they enjoy the festive classical music playing at the MAX station out front. Carmen! Die Fledermaus! Mozart!

Update: we no longer get classical music at the MAX stop. 🙁 You win, teenagers, you win.

Things to do this weekend: August 24, 2012

Last updated on November 12th, 2018

In no particular order:

Instead of actually going to any of these events, I shall lay in the backyard and eat homemade BBQ. But you have fun.